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How to Clean Your Window Treatments

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visionaire_pageNow that you have invested in the perfect window coverings for your home, you want to preserve them so that they retain their fresh, crisp look.  While drapery is often best left to professional cleaners, styles such as roman shades and other residential shades benefit from attention during regular cleaning routines.  Becoming familiar with the best ways to clean your window coverings can help you to avoid grayed fabrics, prevent stain damage, and keep them free of dust and allergens for years to come. Read more »

Choosing Modern Kitchen Window Coverings

Posted: Thursday, March 5th, 2015 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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P1050261(1)The kitchen is the heart of the home, made all the more beautiful with the addition of modern kitchen window coverings to let in streams of light, add color and texture to the space, and function well with eh activities taking place within the modern kitchen. Read more »

What Are Clutch Mechanisms in Window Shades?

Posted: Friday, February 20th, 2015 | Filed under: Blockout shades, Solar Shades, window shading
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P1050337Have you ever seen window blinds that have been lowered, but they’re not completely horizontal? They’re just a little bit off, just a little bit angled, which can ruin the look of your window treatments, and if you’re sensitive to things being out of place can be very annoying? As cheap window blinds age, they may become more difficult to raise and lower to a level position, and if you experience this window blind problem, you’re likely interested in eliminating it once and for all. (And keep in mind that sometimes window blinds just don’t get level at all, which you may have stopped noticing, but visitors to your home notice right away!) Read more »

How to Clean Window Shades

Posted: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 | Filed under: blackout shades, Green shading, Home Design
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P1010244As important it is to keep your couch cushions, your coffee table, and your windows clean, it is just as imperative that you keep your window blinds in good working order. Window shades are an extension of the windows, which are extensions of the space themselves and keeping them nice and spotless will help them accentuate the room and make them really stand out. How do you do that? First, be sure to ask the shading installer the best ways to keep them clean. The manufacturer is also an excellent avenue for cleaning advice. With that said, here are a number of tips you can use. Read more »

Will Woven Solar Shades Look Good in a Home?

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Solar Shade

Solar Shades

Woven solar shades have long been popular with designers focused on commercial spaces.  However, woven solar shades have seen an uptick in popularity recently.  Perhaps most important to the homeowners who have decided to decorate with woven solar shades is the added bonus of window treatments that block UV light without blocking the views that a window may offer.  Have a window that looks out on a fabulous pool?  Does your apartment window overlook a fantastic daytime skyline?  Or do you have a glass wall in your suburban home that peeks out at a breathtakingly landscaped lawn?  Woven solar shades will let you block out both the harmful rays and the glare, and still let you appreciate the view that lies on the other side of the glass. Read more »