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How To Update Your Window Treatments For Spring

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Spring window treatmentsSpring has sprung and there’s no better way to welcome in the fresh spring weather than engaging in the whirlwind of redecorating. This includes updating and changing outdated window treatments and bringing in new ones that complement your home decorations including pillows, throws, and rugs. Window Treatments are the focal point of any room, and room décor. Spring window treatments transition heavy fabrics and closed curtains of the winter into airy and lightweight fabrics that allow sunlight to peek through and warm up space. The window treatment experts at Shading Systems have gathered top design tips to give your window treatments the ultimate makeover. Learn you how to update your window treatments for spring.

Popular Spring Color Palettes

A modern spring window treatment contains various shades of white and beige. Design experts call these colors “neutral tones.” You can couple neutral colors with bold fixtures and metallic shades for a clean cohesive design. Spring window colors typically include bright pinks, turquoise or robin’s egg blues, red poppy, fuchsia, orange as well as warm tans with pops of light green, citrus yellow or of lilac and honeysuckle. Combining various tones and shades such as pastel colors creates a cheerful palette. Work patterns into your window treatment by choosing printed fabrics such as polka dots, stripes, and patterns in various spring color combinations.

Choosing The Right Fabric and Display

Selecting the right window fabrics help to create a sophisticated and put together a style for spring. The right lightweight fabric allows for light control and energy efficiency. Consider lighter materials such as organza, tulle, muslin, chiffon, lace, veil, silk, linen, and sheers. Doing so encourages you to open your windows rather than cover them. During the daytime, lightweight sheers can filter harsh daylight. During the evening, you can overlay a lightweight drape for privacy. An overlay provides the benefit of reflecting sunlight and helps keep a room cool. For added drama and height, fasten custom draperies from the ceiling to cover windows. You can also layer your drapes with lightweight fabrics. This adds depth and dimension while creating a textured appearance.

Eco-friendly Textiles

Eco-friendly textiles, or sustainable fabrics, refer to a manufacturing method, which is safer for the environment.  These fabrics produce fewer chemicals and aren’t grown with pesticides.  Eco-friendly textiles features help reduce carbon and pollution impact on the earth. Made from recycled and natural fibers, organic materials help promote energy efficiency and sustain air quality. In addition, eco-friendly textiles require little effort to wash. For natural shading options, consider insulated honeycomb shades, woven shades, wooden shades. A Roman-style shade is available in naturally woven shades of bamboo, reeds, and grass.

Creating Your Spring Window Treatments

Spring window treatments can reinvent each room with an uplifting style, as well as complement your décor from the colors and patterns you choose to the textures. Putting together a simple spring window, means light linens, crisp and clean lines that can easily move in a spring breeze. The design style of your windows should reflect your personality and home. You can create a luxurious spring look by using a lightweight silk fabric with metallic touches for draperies and hardware or choose a light color and use a contrasting color for a tieback. Contact Shading Systems to best assess the condition of your windows today!

Best Bohemian Style Window Treatments

Posted: Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 | Filed under: Bedroom redecorating, Bohemian Style, Home Design, modern window treatments
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bohemian-window-treatmentsThe arrival of spring is the perfect time to ditch your plain white window dressing and add a pop of color to your living space. Bohemian window layering offers fun colors and artistic embroidery that can amplify the free-spirited energy of any room, whether it be a modern living room or a sophisticated office. The eclectic style allows a variety of patterns and textures, promoting a vibrant and calming feel. No matter what décor or theme chosen, adding Bohemian window treatments is an easy and fun way to provide a unique and individualized feel that brightens your living space.
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Standing The Test of Time: Choosing Lasting Window Treatments

Posted: Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 | Filed under: Color Design, natural light, window shading, window treatments
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Lasting Window TreatmentsEveryone loves a little sunlight! The sun is a great source of vitamin D, give a sunbathing a great tan, and can cheer up anyone who might be in a bad mood. But even the most devout sun worshipper knows that the sunlight permeating through the windows can be harmful to their luxurious furnishings, elegant floors, and beautiful artwork. This is because sunlight can cause fading, discoloration and fabric damage.

There are three culprits within light damage. Approximately 45 percent of light damage comes from UVA and UVB rays; 25 percent from heat and infrared radiation, while the remaining 25 percent comes from visible light.
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Pet Friendly Window Treatments

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Cat By WindowHave you ever tried to Google the words “pets” and “blinds”? If so, you have probably seen countless images of cats clawing blinds and dogs destroying other window treatments. While some may find this amusing, this can be a real nightmare for homeowners. You may not even consider purchasing shades or blinds if they cannot stand up to your pets. After all, what is the point of having a nice custom window treatment if your furry friend is going to destroy it in a matter of seconds?

You may question whether or not you will ever be able to own nice things. Luckily, pet owners have many options available. Consider these window treatments when attempting to pet-proof your home.
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Floral Fabrics Inspire Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 | Filed under: Custom window treatments, interior design, Types of window treatments, window treatments
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Floral Fabrics & Window TreatmentsInterior design trends influence homeowners when choosing custom window treatments for their rooms.  Whether aiming for a window that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your décor or provide a dramatic contrast, keeping an eye on current interior design trends can influence your choice of fabric and style, and floral designs are enjoying a comeback right now.
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