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Trends in Technology for Windows and Shades

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lutron cellular shades

Lutron Shades

Technology is growing by leaps in bounds in all areas of industry, and that includes the new technology being developed for the window and shading industry.  That iPhone you are holding isn’t just for Facebook chatting anymore – with a few more apps you can control most of the electronics in your home, and that includes the beautiful Lutron shades you have been looking to install.

People may have a tendency to think about lighting in terms of actual light fixtures, but the sun and moon provide the most natural light for our homes and offices, and electronic control systems allow us to easily regulate that light no matter where we are. Read more »

Window Treatments and Energy Efficiency

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Cellular shade

Cellular shade

Blinds come in many shapes and sizes. Some are heavy, some are sheer, and some are downright ugly. While the selection is endless, the true competition comes down to the bottom line: which window treatments will save you money without breaking the bank to install?

We can rule blackout shades out this time. The cost of installation makes blackout shades more of a luxury than a marginal cost-benefit winner. Although blackout shades will reduce the heating and air conditioning bills, they’re not the only solution when it comes to energy efficiency. Read more »