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Tips For Cleaning Blinds and Shades

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http://www.shadingsystemsinc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03Shading Systems Tips For Cleaning Blinds and Shades
Whether dusting sculptures, shining mirrors, or vacuuming flat-woven rugs, each homeowner has their own refined routine for sprucing up their space. But while you may think your home shines and sparkles, did you really remember to clean every part? More often than not, homeowners tend to forget to clean their window blinds and shades, allowing a nasty build up of dirt and dust particles that’ll cause a sneezing frenzy.

Sure, homeowners don’t purposely ignore cleaning their window blinds and shades, it sort of just happens. Still, homeowners cannot ignore these neglected areas because blinds and shades host a variety of germs and bacteria that can spell out disaster for your family. During the warmer months when windows are open, window treatments often transport unwanted debris and dust into your home.

Not only will cleaning blinds and shades help eliminate dirt throughout their home, homeowners will also soon notice the air quality improve throughout their home when they take a big breath of fresh air. In order to ensure that you don’t skim over these hard-to-reach areas again, the window professionals at Shading Systems have expert tips to properly clean your window blinds and shades.

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Window Trends: Benefits of Folding Blinds

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shading systems benefits of folding blinds
When it comes to interior decorating, blinds and shades play an essential part in decorating your windows and transforming your home’s overall design. Aside from looking fabulous, folding shades offer advantages absent from other window treatments. The window professionals at Shading systems shed light on exactly why folding shades are a popular choice for many New York City apartments and homes.

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What Are Clutch Mechanisms in Window Shades?

Posted: Friday, February 20th, 2015 | Filed under: Blockout shades, Solar Shades, window shading
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P1050337Have you ever seen window blinds that have been lowered, but they’re not completely horizontal? They’re just a little bit off, just a little bit angled, which can ruin the look of your window treatments, and if you’re sensitive to things being out of place can be very annoying? As cheap window blinds age, they may become more difficult to raise and lower to a level position, and if you experience this window blind problem, you’re likely interested in eliminating it once and for all. (And keep in mind that sometimes window blinds just don’t get level at all, which you may have stopped noticing, but visitors to your home notice right away!) Read more »

How to Make Old Windows more Energy Efficient

Posted: Friday, September 27th, 2013 | Filed under: Blockout shades, drapery systems, Green shading, Remodeling
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Motorized Skylight Shades

Motorized Skylight Shades

Window replacement and maintenance are often the most overlooked project when considering home improvement. Purchasing Baltimore window replacements and installing more energy efficient windows is one way to ensure that the windows of a home are up to par and conserving the most energy. However, window replacements are not always necessary and in some historic districts there can be some very strict guidelines pertaining to what can and cannot be done to structures. There are several methods that homeowners can use to help older models become more energy efficient windows. A homeowner will most likely need to invest some money as well as some time in restoring the windows. Older windows can be repaired and updated whereas some of the newer window units are more difficult to repair or update. Here are a few things that homeowners can do to make their old windows more energy efficient. Read more »

Trends in Technology for Windows and Shades

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lutron cellular shades

Lutron Shades

Technology is growing by leaps in bounds in all areas of industry, and that includes the new technology being developed for the window and shading industry.  That iPhone you are holding isn’t just for Facebook chatting anymore – with a few more apps you can control most of the electronics in your home, and that includes the beautiful Lutron shades you have been looking to install.

People may have a tendency to think about lighting in terms of actual light fixtures, but the sun and moon provide the most natural light for our homes and offices, and electronic control systems allow us to easily regulate that light no matter where we are. Read more »