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Window Treatments in NYC West Side Apartments

Posted: Sunday, December 21st, 2014 | Filed under: Home Design, nyc apartment, window treatments
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023Not only have you landed your dream job in New York, you have also just signed the lease to your swanky new apartment. Congratulations! You already have plans to throw a housewarming party and invite everyone you know over but first you need to tend to the furnishings. You need chairs, tables, rugs, appliances and so on. But what you also need are window treatments, specifically blackout shades. There are three types to consider: room darkening shades, blockout shades, and light-tight shades. Read on to learn more about them.

Room darkening shades

When you want to protect your room and furniture from the effects of the sun while still allowing some light into your room, these window shades are ideal for you. These treatments substantially reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the living space without totally removing the inherent charm of natural lighting. Another advantage of these blinds is that when light hits them, the shadows that are thrown about into the room can be quite appealing. This can add a touch of pizzazz or even mystery depending on how you decorate the room as a whole. How much light is diffused depends on the openness of the material being used and how it was weaved.

Blockout shades

These window treatments prevent a whopping 99 percent of all light from entering a room when they are fully deployed, which makes blockout shades perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. If you or a child is trying to get some rest in the middle of the day, it is next to impossible to achieve that when the sun or glare is hitting your face. Blockout shades prevent this from happening. Also, these shades will help cool down a room when it is hot outside, which helps in lowering utility bills since you do not have to crank up the air conditioner so high.

Blockout shades are also perfect for media rooms where there are a lot of reflective surfaces. Glare can be annoying and a hindrance to the movie-watching experience. Direct exposure to UV rays can also damage sensitive TV screens and the like, so these shades will provide protection for your equipment.

Light-tight shades

But if you want absolutely no light to enter an area, you can count on light-tight shades to get the job done. These window treatments achieve this by using side channels to seal the edges, preventing any light from seeping into your space. These are perfect for any apartment unit on New York’s West Side and are in fact a very popular accessory for both high-end residential and commercial buildings.

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