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Top 5 Window Treatment Trends for Your Home

Posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2014 | Filed under: Home Design, Home Improvement, Remodeling, window treatments
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P1050337If you are moving into a new home, looking to change up the look and style of one, or replacing old shades, you would do well to keep these five window shade trends in mind.

Neutral colors are still “in.” Why are neutral colors like white and off-white still great options for window treatments? It is because they are timeless. You can absolutely change every other part of the room – the sofa, the center table, the rug, etc. – and a neutral colored shade will still be an attractive sight. One may argue that such colors are plain but you can vary the type of material and/or style of shade to give it that extra bit of pizzazz.

Remote-controlled blinds. Technology is not just about the new Apple or Android phone or wearable technology; window shades been given their own upgrade! Shades can now be opened and closed with the push of a button. These shading systems can also have the option of opening and closing on their own with the installation of sensors that can detect how much sunlight is bathing the area, the temperature, and even what time of day it is. Home-automated systems like this would be an excellent addition for tech-savvy homeowners.

Green” window shades. And no, we are not talking about the color. Going green is not just about reducing how much water you use or recycling. Window treatments now come in green design options that are environmentally friendly and contain non-toxic dyes. For those with allergies that still want to add a touch of class to their home, this is the perfect option for them. Green fabrics also tend to be stain and mildew/mold-resistant, which are added benefits.

Experiment with light and shadows using sheer fabrics. While the purpose of window blinds is to maintain privacy as well as prevent light from coming in, it does not mean you cannot play around with lighting. Sheer blinds throw light and shadow into a room, making the room look and feel larger than it seems at first glance. Also, the dancing light and shadows as the fabric moves is very attractive.

Use bamboo. Bamboo window shades are all the rage nowadays. More and more people are turning to wood and natural textures and fabrics to decorate their homes and bamboo is a lovely choice. Bamboo’s use can also be classified as “going green” because bamboo is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Shades using this material can be understated, making the surrounding décor pop in its place. For walls using flat or neutral colors, bamboo treatments give them character and texture that might not otherwise exist.

When looking for new window shades for your living space, keep these trends in mind for they will add more to the space that you initially anticipated, which is a good thing.

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