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How to Make Large Windows Work for You  

Posted: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 | Filed under: commercial window treatments, Shading systems
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Window Treatments

Window Treatments

If you have recently bought a home or rented an apartment with big windows, there are a number of challenges that come with them that you may or may not look forward to tackling. From privacy concerns to overall décor, these are but two issues you need to deal with once you have signed on the dotted line and you have unloaded all of your belongings. Thankfully, there are quite a few workarounds you can implement pretty easily.

Protecting your privacy

Living spaces with large windows and commercial offices all but welcome prying eyes to have a look at what is going on within its confines. Since protecting your privacy is very important, especially for businesses that have a vested interest in shielding their customers’ information and corporate secrets/personnel, adding privacy shades will allow you to discourage and prevent unwanted attention from outsiders. Since shades come in a variety of colors and materials, you do not have to sacrifice all aesthetics in favor of pure functionality.

Controlling sunlight

During sunny days, large windows will allow a lot of rays into a living space. This means a noticeable increase in heat, which may warrant turning up the air conditioner a notch. And this in turn will lead to higher energy costs at the end of he month. By adding window treatments to large windows you can reduce such costs and increase your level of comfort as you enjoy spending time in that space.

The heat from direct exposure to UV rays can damage wood flooring and your furniture; you want to prevent this, and the only real way of doing that in a room with large windows is to completely cover up the window – and who wants to do that? – or better yet, add shades you can adjust on the fly. And in controlling how much sun your room gets you can fight glare, which is a nuisance in rooms with a lot of reflective surfaces.

Most companies rely on computers to complete their tasks. Since computer screens can be sensitive, exposure to sunlight on a constant basis can irreversibly damage the screens and can even overheat systems that are already running at full capacity to keep up with the workload. Allowing this to happen will mean constantly repairing or outright replacing already expensive machinery. Prevent this by adding a shading system.

Accessorize your windows

The single best way to do this is to attach window treatments. The number of materials and colors you can choose from are staggering so you will not have to struggle for the right shade that matches the overall décor of your space. If you are not sure how to decorate with shades, take a look at the space as a whole and find out which one color stands out. From there, find a similar color but of a different hue – this is the color of the shade you want to use. The sheer size of the window and shading will certainly catch anyone’s eye, but the way it accentuates the colors round it will keep their gaze locked there.

Incorporating large windows into a home can seem daunting but the aforementioned pieces of advice will show you how to use them to your advantage. For more information on solar shades, contact your local window shading retailer today.

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