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Incorporate Window Shades into Home Décor

Posted: Thursday, October 9th, 2014 | Filed under: drapery systems, Home Design, interior design
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IMG_1677For many homeowners, window shades are only there to block out the sun when it is too high and to prevent nosey neighbors from peeking in at all hours of the night when the should not be. They look at it as a necessary accessory and nothing more. But that is a mistake. Shading can be an essential part of your home much in the same way as your favorite couch or the center rug in the living room. It can add a more dynamic character to your home’s interior design.

Large windows and shading systems

Large windows have recently become a staple in modern homes as more and more homebuyers are looking to illuminate their homes with as much natural light as possible. It allows them to cut back on energy costs and add light to a room without having to add extra lamps and fixtures into a given space. Naturally, you do not want too much sunlight because it can damage the floor and furniture and cause glare. This means adding solar shades to provide the perfect control over how much sunlight bathes an area during the day. Also, shades can help keep a room cool so you do not have to crank up the air conditioner as much. With the different types of materials available, you can accessorize your shades to match the overall color scheme of the space if you so desire.

Automated window treatments

For households that just love to have the latest and greatest gadgets, why not automate your window shades? What used to be a thing of fancy movie magic is available commercially for households everywhere! You can add a remote controlled system to shades and have them open and close with the simple push of a button from the comfort of your couch. That, and if you want to be even more impressive, add sensors to the automated system that will allow it to roll up and down based on any number of factors, including exterior temperature and even how much sunlight is exposing the area.

Warm tones are “in”

Until recently, cooler and neutral colors passed as the mainstay choices for interior design. However, that is no longer the case. More and more people have chosen to incorporate warmer colors like oranges and red hues with open arms. The palettes found in each are relatively soft but still add pizzazz when coordinated with the overall aesthetic of the living space or the home itself. For example, if peach colors are a strong component of your space, make sure your shading contrasts. Or, you can choose something that is off-color, accentuating the stronger colors around it.

Play with sheer fabrics

Transparent fabrics have always been popular in the fashion and home design spheres. By placing sunroom shades onto a window, particularly an especially large one, you can enhance the space and allow you to play with how light passes through the sheer material and create some wonderful shadows. These shades are quite bold but still afford you the privacy you desire with the added benefit of creating beautiful lighting effects.

Window treatments do not have to be ignored in place of the more obvious items around the house; they can be used to decorate too! A touch of vision and the right material and colors are the perfect combination for interior décor.

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