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Invest in Sunroom Shades

Posted: Monday, September 29th, 2014 | Filed under: sunroom shades, window shading, window treatments
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Invest in Sunroom Shades

P1030678Why? You would be surprised with how useful window treatments are in living spaces with big windows and/or have a significant number of them. Whether in commercial or residential buildings, sunroom shades offer several useful, and sometimes, surprising features owners can take advantage of.

Opening Up Constrained Spaces

Space has become somewhat of a premium lately, especially in commercial buildings as businesses are looking to make the most out of even the smallest spaces. But since productivity can take a dive when people feel like they are trapped or suffocated by everything around them, companies have decided to use large windows to open up small, confined areas. This allows more sunlight to come in and gives the room a more airy, open feel to it. And since too much sunlight can be a hindrance and annoyance to employees, sunroom shades can help control how much light pours into a workspace. Also, window shading provides business owners a measure of privacy from prying eyes on the outside, which is especially important for protecting personnel and sensitive information.

Climate Control for Living Spaces

If you own a home with a lot of tall windows, you are going to see a ton of sunlight. Too much sun is never a good idea, which means having window treatments you can control at will is something you should seriously consider. UV rays can be harmful to your skin and if you spend much of your time in an area that bathes in a significant amount of sunlight, you are potentially exposing yourself to serious skin conditions. Related to this is the fact that UV and heat can damage any furniture in the vicinity as well as wood flooring. With the right room shading, you can control how much light exposes an area without having to sacrifice visibility. Also, shades help keep the space a few degrees cooler helping you cut down on energy usage and related cost.

If your home or building has a lot of metallic or reflective surfaces, glare is going to be a major annoyance. Shades will prevent that from happening and are especially useful in media and home theater rooms where you would want to watch your favorite action movies without any distractions.

Comfort with a Push of a Button

Did you know window treatments could be remotely controlled? They can! And not only that, they can be tied to sensors that will automatically adjust the shades for you depending on a number of factors: position of the sun, how much sunlight the room is exposed to, the overall temperature, and so on. This is useful for the times when you are away from home or your office and you need the shades to close off the area from the sun until you return.

And if you tied your shades to a remote control, you have a very easy way to open or retract them with a simple push of the button. This feature is useful for setting the right ambiance for get-togethers and dinner situations.

Sunroom shades offer utility, comfort, and protection from prying eyes and sunlight. Where can you go wrong?

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