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Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Posted: Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 | Filed under: interior design, modern window treatments, window treatments
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Room Darkening Shades

Room Darkening Shades

Who knew choosing shades for your house or apartment could be so daunting? Who knew there were so many options? But you do not have to worry; if you want blinds that are simple to use and get the job done, you have three options you can choose from:

• Solar Shades
• Privacy Shades
• Blackout Shades

While it easy to think they all sound like the same thing, each one has its own use and is best used in specific situations. However, as you can rightly believe, overlap in utility is possible.

Solar Shades

This type of window shade is specifically designed to control how much sunlight and heat enter a given space. Solar shades are perfect for tall windows or living spaces located in high-rise buildings that see a ton of rays. There is such a thing as getting a little “too much” sun, and if your home has a lot of reflective surfaces, glare is going to be a major problem. Also, those UV rays can damage your furniture over time and you are going to want to protect them for as long as you live there. Like with all things interior design you can choose from a wide number of colors and materials for your shades, allowing you to combine form and function without having to make concessions on one or the other.

Privacy Shades

Not a fan of strangers looking through your window? Then these shades are the perfect for you. They not only provide adequate protection from the sun, they also discourage and prevent people from looking into your sanctuary without having to compromise your comfort. As more and more people are moving into and working in the same small area, privacy has become a major concern, making these blinds perfect for apartment buildings and commercial offices where secrecy is of the utmost importance.

Blackout Shades

For all the owners of man caves and massive media centers, blackout shading is absolutely perfect for those spaces. This type of window shade is a necessity for a room in direct line with the sun during the day, especially if you plan on spending any significant amount of time in said room. Besides total diffusion of sunlight, these shades add ambiance to any home theater experience. Why wait in line just to go into a movie theater when you can replicate the exact same experience in your own home? Minus the talkative moviegoers and the small and uncomfortable chairs, of course.

A bedroom that sees a lot of sun, or even a lot of ambient light from the night sky or the surrounding area would be a good place to use blackout shades. You can take a nap during the day without worrying about the heat and sun in your eyes, or get a decent night’s sleep without the light from the sky or streetlights keeping you up.

As you can see, certain window treatments are best used in certain situations but can still be useful in others. Also, every one of these options can be tied to a remote with which you can control it from the comfort of your couch or bed. They can even be tied to sensors that will automatically adjust the shades based on pre-sets to create. With a wide variety of colors and materials and automated options available, choosing the right shades for your home is quite easy.

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