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Design Style: The Perfect Bedroom Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 | Filed under: Bedroom Design, blackout shades, room darkening window treatments, window treatments
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Black Out ShadesDesign.  Style.  These are very important concepts when decorating your living space.  What is your style?  How do you incorporate design elements into a room to make it look the way you want it to?  One of the easier ways to pull a room together is through window treatment options.  They are the accessories with the ability to generate a real “wow” factor.  They can turn a boring space into something spectacular, and they can take a spectacular space and turn it into something covetable.  And isn’t that what we all want?  The apartment that everyone else secretly covets?

How To Get Started Choosing a Window Treatment

If you make New York City your home, then it is more than likely you understand the importance of a good blackout shade.  There’s nothing quite as fun as living in the city that never sleeps, but sometimes amidst all the museums, gallery openings, parties, events, and networking – you may want to get a little shut eye.  The challenge in Manhattan is, re-energizing while the rest of the world keeps the party going right outside your window.  Hence, the one must for every New York City apartment:  Blackout Shades.

So, you have purchased and installed blackout shades.  Congratulations.  You’re now getting the kind of quality sleep that will allow you to make wise decisions – like what to choose for your window treatments!  The truth is your blackout shades may be a little too minimalist for you in design.  The best blackout shades either fall within the window casing – tightly to the wall so that no light seeps in, or outside of the casing, overlapping the wall so that all light is kept out.  But, you may occasionally want to better be able to control the light that comes into your room.  While there are options for this in blackout shades that can have varying degrees of opacity, you can also accomplish the same effect by picking out the perfect window treatment to decorate your window.

What is in Style?

1.  Design.  Right now window treatments lean toward minimalist.  Not too much draping and clean edges.

2.  Color.  There are a few rules in color.  Gray is officially the new beige.  Neutrals are very popular.  Pops of strong color are very on trend, however, that is usually limited to one color against a neutral background with a bold, repeating pattern.  The past few Pantone Color of the Year designations have gone to bright, bold colors which we have repeatedly seen used on window curtains.

3.  Pattern.  Curtains can serve as a tie in bringing a base of color to other patterns that are in the room.  They can also work to neutralize a room with too much color or pattern, with a calming neutral to balance out the fabric ratios.

4.  Extras.  Embroidery, if you can afford it, is the ultimate in luxury window treatments.  The subtlety of single color on color embroidery is especially on trend.

5.  Style.  Some of the styles that we see that work especially well on large expanses of window include shading with light sheering in the middle and darker fabrics on the ends.  Roman shading with bold graphics.  Draperies that are sheer on the top and opaque on the bottom, almost a color blocking effect.

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