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Will Woven Solar Shades Look Good in a Home?

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Solar Shade

Solar Shades

Woven solar shades have long been popular with designers focused on commercial spaces.  However, woven solar shades have seen an uptick in popularity recently.  Perhaps most important to the homeowners who have decided to decorate with woven solar shades is the added bonus of window treatments that block UV light without blocking the views that a window may offer.  Have a window that looks out on a fabulous pool?  Does your apartment window overlook a fantastic daytime skyline?  Or do you have a glass wall in your suburban home that peeks out at a breathtakingly landscaped lawn?  Woven solar shades will let you block out both the harmful rays and the glare, and still let you appreciate the view that lies on the other side of the glass.

However, one of the important facts to keep in mind when deciding whether or not woven solar shades are right for your home design, is that this same view is possible for people on the other side of the glass as well.  What do we mean by that?  Well, because woven solar shades are not opaque, and allow you to look out the window, they also allow people outside your home to see in.  Woven solar shades can typically be ordered according to what level of “privacy” (or opaqueness) that you prefer.  This means that we recommend woven solar shades for homes that have a relative level of privacy (fencing, wooded surroundings, apartments above sidewalk level, etc).

Because the makers of solar shades have started to incorporate designs and weaves that are more suitable to home design than previously, many homeowners are finding they make an excellent option that allows for protection against the harsh glare of the sun, and yet a way to still feel connected with a home’s surroundings.

Some might say installing woven solar shades is an easy way to make your home feel more open, and to incorporate your environment into your design plan.  Whether your home is located deep in the woods, and you want the great outdoors to be visually incorporated into your dwelling, or you live in an apartment in the city surrounded by the beauty of steel structures, unobstructed views of the world around your home can be a strong design statement.

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