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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

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Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades

Summers in New York City can get pretty hot and sticky. Therefore, it’s important to keep the sun and heat out of your townhouse or apartments. There are many different energy efficient window treatments that can help keep out the scorching heat so you can be comfortable in your living space and save on energy costs!

One of the most energy efficient window treatments are folding shades, specifically honeycomb shades. Since about 40% of unwanted heat enters through windows, it’s important to consider energy efficient window shades. By simply closing them during the day and opening them at night n the summer months, you can save tremendously in energy costs.

Folding shades are a great option for energy efficient window treatments.  The accordion style pleated shades are available in a variety of colors and fabrics to match any décor in your space. By installing the honeycomb shades as close to the window as possible, you can save even more.

If you don’t necessarily like the look of honeycomb shades, there are plenty of other options to choose from for energy efficient window treatments. Drapery systems are another great way to keep out the heat during summer. The thick fabric will block the sun and heat from entering your home. You can even find draperies with blackout liners for energy efficiency, room darkening and to block the noise.

Remember, the closer to the window you can get install your window treatments, the more energy you will be saving. Most window treatments these days are available in a wide variety of style options, including fabric and color choices, so depending on the look or function you’re hoping to achieve, there’s no doubt there’s a solution right for you.

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