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Skylight Shades for Large Ceiling Windows

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Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades

Glass skylights can be a great feature for any room, allowing natural light to enter through the ceiling. The downside is that skylights may also bring unwanted heat and glare. By adding skylight shades to your ceiling windows, you can control the amount of sunlight that enters throughout the day. During summer months, the ability to control the unwanted heat entering your home of office, may help significantly with cooling costs.

Because skylights are very popular, even more nowadays, so are skylight shades. Because of the popularity, skylight shades are available in a variety of options including folding shades or Roman shades, sloped shades, flat roller shades and even pleated shades. Any of these window treatments will provide a great shading solution for your skylight. Skylight shades are made specifically for unique ceiling windows and can be customized. Most manufacturers offer a variety of color and fabric options, including blackout fabrics.

One of the options for skylight shades includes motorizes shading control. Motorized skylight shades are a simple solution for your ceiling window treatments. Motorized shades eliminate the hassle of climbing ladders or maneuvering long cranks when trying to open and close your skylight shades. They also eliminate the dangling cords that some of the window shades come with.

Many prefer the simplified motorized skylight shades, but that’s not to say manual shades aren’t a suitable shading solutions for your ceiling windows. Depending on your want and need, either option can be customized for your windows. For architects, contractors, homeowners and others throughout the New York City area, sunlight shades are a great option for that bright light.

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