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Insulating Shades for Energy Efficiency

Posted: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 | Filed under: sustainable living, window shading, window treatments
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Energy Efficient window treatmentsInsulation is an important factor for any window treatments, to help keep in the heat during winter and to help keep out the heat during summer. These types of functions can save tons of money in energy bills.

Folding shades or cellular shades are one of the most common choices for energy efficiency. Because honeycomb shades offer one of the best insulation solutions, they are used for window treatments throughout New York City and elsewhere in the northeast. With options like single, double or triples cells, you can customize your layering in these particular window shades in NYC. Folding shades are offered in a variety of fabric and color choices, making it easy to customize to match aesthetics as well as functionality. Good quality cellular shades will last years and will help reduce energy costs.

Another type of folding shade that is often used for insulating purposes is Roman shades. Roman shades are simple, accordion-styled shades. Standard Roman shades aren’t insulated, but if you’re looking for window treatments to serve solar functions, consider thermal roman shades, which will help keep the winter heat in your home. Also, this type of window treatment is offered in many different fabrics and textures, so customization is available.

A third option for energy efficient window treatments are drapery systems. This type of window treatment can also be used without insulation, but if you’re looking for solar options, consider flannel or think draperies. You can also line your current draperies with an inner thermal or thick layer to help block more of the heat from escaping your warm room.

All of these window treatments are great options for energy efficient homes. Insulating your rooms with window shades will help lower energy costs. With the color, patterns, fabrics and textures available in most options, it’s easy to customize your style to meet function.

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