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Why Motorized Shades?

Posted: Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 | Filed under: modern window treatments, motorized window treatments, window treatments
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Motorized shades allow you to operate your window coverings by remote control. Simplify your life by pressing a button to open and close your window shades. Not only do motorized shades simplify your everyday opening and closing of shades, but you can increase energy efficiency as well by setting a timer on your window shades. Open and close them at desired hours when the sun is bursting through your NYC Madison Avenue facing window or if you want to enjoy a spring breeze.

Aside from convenience, motorized shades provide the ultimate sophistication to your home by adding a clean look and feel. Designed based on simplicity, the straight lines add a nice sense to your room. Stop messing around with cords and wands and clean up your window treatments with an easy remote control.

In addition to look and convenience, motorized shades are practical for any window that is located in a hard to reach position. Sometimes large windows are positioned in the top of foyers where it requires a ladder to reach. Instead of bringing out the ladder every day or ignoring the hot sun blasting through the window, add sophisticated motorized shades.

Sometimes larger windows pose problems with more traditional window shades. Both tall and wide windows can be difficult to cover with window treatments, many times blinds become too heavy to open and close on larger windows. Other types of window treatments aren’t customizable. Motorized shades can resolve all these problems. Use motorized shades in your home for a sophisticated look and a simple functionality

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