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Shades for Your Sunroom

Posted: Monday, December 13th, 2010 | Filed under: Home cooling, interior design, sunroom shades
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A sunroom can be a perfect room to relax, particularly in the winter months when you may not be able to get outside as often as you would like. While oftentimes, you enjoy the sunlight in cooler weather, there are times that it is just too bright or too hot. It does not take long for a sunroom to become overheated and stuffy. This is a problem that many people do not consider before adding large windows to a home. But there is an answer that is easier than you think.

Sunroom shades

Sunroom shades

Retractable shades are the perfect solution for the downside of sunlight in your atrium, solarium, or sunroom. Elegant and stylish, the shades systems are available with motorized controls that automatically open or retract based on temperature, brightness, or other conditions. You can also override the system with the touch of a button on a remote control.

Remote controlled window treatments are particularly beneficial for hard to reach areas, such as a sky light or wall-length windows. While residents want the ability to enjoy the view out their windows, they also want the ability to control glare and heat.

One major issue that is a concern for both residential and commercial sunrooms is the inherent lack of privacy in a glass-walled room. A retractable shading system addresses this problem. The modern window treatments can allow a great deal or a small amount of light into a room, while still protecting your privacy.

Privacy window treatments allow those on the inside to see everything out the windows, yet completely shield the view from the outside in. This is especially helpful for rooms located near a busy sidewalk or during confidential business meetings.

Another common issue associated with large windows in a sunroom is the deterioration of furniture, books, or other belongings. Sunlight quickly fades wood, fabric, and most other materials. However, a properly installed retractable shading system will protect your furnishings from potential sun damage.

If you are becoming frustrated with the sun in your “sun” room, you do have the ability to turn your windowed room into all that you imagined it would be with the help of retractable shades.

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